Roofers face a dangerous job every day. Working high up on rooftops in all types of weather sometimes with little or no safety measures, being a roofer just isn’t an option for many people. Roofers build, fix and repair roofs all at a height of several stories above ground. Working several stories off the ground takes a toll, making roofing one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

The dangerous job of roofers

Job description: Roofers install and repair roofs, naturally working in a dangerous environment. Roofers work with many materials, including gravel, asphalt, tar, metal, and rubber. An important aspect of roofing is building waterproof roofs, to eliminate any chance of future water damages. Roofers also have to meet deadlines and quality standards of roof building and construction.

Work environment: Roofing is a strenuous and physically demanding job. It involves lifting, climbing, and kneeling. Roofers work outdoors in various types of weather, however, work is usually halted during rain, strong winds or snow and icy conditions.

Fatality rates: In 2010, the fatality rate was 32.4 per 100,000 workers – making it the 6th most dangerous job in America by fatalities.

What makes it a dangerous job: Roofers face the danger of falling from heights, receiving burns from hot bitumen and sustaining injuries from their equipment.

Hours / Lifestyle: Roofers work normal construction hours, and can have good work/life balance.

Pay: The average annual wage for roofers in 2010 was $38K, or $18.21 per hour.

Requirements: Basic requirements are good health, good judgment and being able to perform in a team. Also, roofers must have no fear of heights.

Training: Roofers receive most of their training on the job.

Career opportunities: Roofers can advance to become site managers, of becoming independent contractors on their own accord.

Job opportunities: Roofers will always be needed. However – roofers do not work in harsh winter conditions, so in some states, roofers do not work year round.


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