If you are a fan of taking risks and living dangerously, there are jobs for you that will fit your personality. There are some extremely dangerous jobs that you can do that will keep you thrilled and entertained as well as paid. Here is a list featuring the ten most dangerous jobs.

Steel Worker Jobs

Working as a steel worker causes you to face many dangers while at work. They fabricate metal products, erect, assemble, and install enormous steel building materials. These danger seekers must be agile if they want to keep their balance while climbing large structures like bridges and buildings. They use safety belts, scaffolding and nets to help avoid any disasters.

Commercial Farmers

Farmers are always working with heavy equipment, and accidents happen far too often. Most farmers get up early and work long hours. This doesn’t help to prevent accidents when a farmer is tired from working all day in the hot sun. Many of these accidents happen when working with dangerous equipment. Combines are one example of a machine that has no forgiveness for mistakes.

Garbage Collectors

The people that collect your trash never have any idea what hazardous materials could be at the next stop. Foraging animals may want to put up a fight instead of giving up their food source. Broken glass and light bulbs are another things that they have to worry about while collecting your refuse. If a trash truck crashes into another vehicle while another worker is on the outside of the truck, they can be hurt badly as well. Trash collectors put up with a lot of danger on an everyday basis.

Residential and Commercial Roofing Jobs

The long falls to the ground aren’t the only thing that roofers have to worry about. They have to put up with burns coming from chemicals and volatile tar, electrocution from coming into contact with power lines that are exposed, and injuries caused by materials falling on them all the time. Inexperienced roofers can often increase the risk for everyone around them.

Truck Driver Jobs

Work-related fatalities in the truck driver business happen all the time. Accidents happen because of roads that aren’t cleared, traffic accidents, and tired drivers. When you are in control of a truck that weighs so much, it can be hard to monitor, especially if you need to stop quickly.

Deep Sea Fishing Careers

Deep sea fishers are at the mercy of the elements at all times. They are stuck out in the ocean during heavy storms and massive waves. There are fish big enough to eat these thrill seekers, but they still come to work. Slippery decks can result in a man falling overboard and never being found again. Not to mention all of the ropes and nets that they can get tangled in that are being thrown overboard.

Commercial Logging Jobs

Workers in the logging industry have another dangerous job. Many safety standards are in place but try and telling that to the tree that is falling down on top of you. They also work with dangerous equipment like chainsaws, backhoes, and tractors. Pulling and moving large chunks of wood can make them act unpredictable and roll smashing anything in its way.

Power Line Technician Careers

Power line technicians keep the power pumping into our hospitals, stores, factories, and homes have a dangerous job as well. Without these brave individuals, everything would go dark, and there would be no electric anywhere. They go out during the storms to make sure that the power comes back on as soon as possible. They risk electrical shock, falls from boom trucks, and getting hit by a tree that fell over. These guys work in rainy, windy conditions often without any light to guide their way. This is one of the world’s most dangerous jobs that the hard working employees don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Oil Rig Workers

Working on an oil rig can have many dangers associated with the work. Off-shore oil drillers are on a metal high-rise in the middle of the ocean that is collecting highly flammable materials. They usually work 12 hour days using heavy equipment. Cranes are often are swinging heavy equipment above you. Is there any point in having fire drills? Where are you supposed to go if the oil rig catches on fire? At least you have a lot of water to put the fire out with, right? Who in their right mind would want to be out in the middle of the ocean floating around on an erection pumping flammable materials out of the bottom of the sea? The hard hats and steel toed boots must do a lot for these men’s safety.

Bomb Disposal Technician Careers

Most bomb disposal technicians get this job by joining up to serve in the armed forces and apply. It is required that you have the ability to think quickly and keep calm in difficult situations. You must make the right decision under intense pressure. Excellent judgment is required as well as problem-solving skills. A steady hand is also required. Your job will be to identify, defuse, or dispose of explosive devices. This includes grenades, water charges, landmines, as well as homemade bombs and explosive devices. Do you need the dangers of this job explained to you?

If you enjoy taking risks and living on the edge, apply to any of these jobs. They will keep you on your toes. It is a wonder that they can find people that want to risk their lives to do all of these jobs.


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