Truck driving is one of the most sought after occupations with numerous job openings each year. According to the American Trucking Association, trucks transport about 70% of inland freight. This means that more truckers are needed to ‘move’ the growing economy. Find out if you have what it takes to land a truck driver job.

Benefits of being a truck driver

The first significant benefit is good pay. The current deficiency of drivers has pushed companies to offer increased pay to their drivers. The drivers receive bonuses for particular loads of distance traveled. Companies are more generous to reliable truck drivers because they are rare. According to the Labor Department, the average annual pay for a truck driver is $40,000.
Truckers enjoy benefits such as medical cover, life insurance, and retirement plans. Some companies offer paid vacations and holidays. With the high demand for drivers, different trucking companies offer benefits so as to retain their drivers. The drivers also enjoy flexible working schedules as they can choose to do local runs, long distance or cross region. We can also not ignore the traveling experience they enjoy.

Qualifications to be a truck driver

So how do you get the chance to work in these companies? First, you need to ensure you keep a clean driving record. Drivers with a clean record earn the trust of their employers with their freight. Moving violations on your record will disqualify you from securing a job in these companies.
The second qualification is that you must get a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). This document is obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. The CDL training is essential as it equips you with the skills and knowledge required of a trucker.
The next step is to enroll in a truck driving school of your choice. Select a school that fits your budget and your preferred training options. Most reliable and quality truckers pass through this system.
Finally, you need to ensure that you pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR) exam. You’ll need to pass both the physical and the written component. The written component is tested once, while the physical one is done every two years.

Benefits of being an owner operator

Other than being employed, you can also choose to be an owner operator. This enables you to build your own enterprise. Owner operators usually have their own fleets, unlike their employed counterparts. You can also adjust your earnings by managing your operation costs. Finally, it enables you to control your schedule.
There are different types of trucks. The first one is the flatbed truck, which has no sides and roofs. They allow for easy loading and offloading of goods. Refrigeration trucks on the other hand usually carry perishable freight stored under low temperatures. Finally, Hazmat trucks are those that carry hazardous materials and items.
With more benefits than some office jobs, truck driving may be a brilliant career choice. If interested in making a move, start the research on the available truck driver jobs in your region. This may be your chance to make use of your passion while at the same time earning a decent income.


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