We’ve seen the movies–mercenaries protecting corporations interests around the globe. Typically they’re presented as a negative but the world is a dangerous place. Everyone is looking for their way up and targeting government shipments or cargo is an easy way to score a buck. Today’s companies understand the danger and hire some of the best of the best in the military to protect their assets. These private security contractors make sure that global trade continues smoothly and efficiently. If a dangerous and difficult job is required, these are the people to hire.

Job Description

Mercenary seems to be a dirty word but private security contractors perform a variety of critical services around the globe. Former military, now private citizens–these contractors work with companies and the military to secure assets. More than just a gun for hire, they are professional soldiers who work for money instead of a cause or a nation. Ultra-experienced in combat, security, and extraction–private security contractors help train soldiers in other countries, provide security, and carry out special missions.

A multi-billion dollar industry that grows each day due to globalism, private security contractors do their duty, get paid, and move on to the next job. Companies don’t just want anyone for these highly dangerous and specialized tasks. Only the best of the best are brought into these organizations. Providing protection for a Saudi prince, hunting terrorists in Pakistan, or taking down a cartel leader in Mexico are just a sampling of jobs handled by private security contractors.

Requirements & Experience

Private security contracts typically split their candidates into two groups–tier 1 and tier 2.

Tier 1 consists of former military with a special forces background. These potential employees typically have a bachelor’s degree to go with their combat experience and training. Only the strongest and best soldiers make it to this tier–think former Navy Seals and Army Rangers. These individuals have already been tested to the ultimate limits and have proven their value and worth. They come highly recommended from higher-ups in the military and are usually a safe bet for private security jobs.

Tier 2 is made up of former military as well but they do not have a special forces background. Infantry experience and combat arms training are the skills brought to the table by Tier 2 candidates. A high school diploma or equivalent is enough to become a private security contract. Candidates have gone through basic training, specialist training, and have been honorably discharged from the military. They act more as escorts for companies and products that move around the world. While still dangerous, it’s not quite the same skill set needed as the Tier 1 soldiers.

The Las Vegas-based C.R.I. Counter Terrorism Training school is available for those without military or combat experience. Made up of teachers with tremendous experience, the school trains you for high-risk situations and anti-terrorism scenarios. Potential candidates must go through a series of tests–mental, background, attitude, and health. Those that do make it through the process will be trained to work for any private security contractor.

Private Secuirty Contractor Salary

While a soldier in the military may earn $20,000 per year, private security contractors make a significant amount more. Companies and governments are willing to spend big to attract top talent to extreme working conditions. It’s not uncommon for entry-level employees to pull in over $100,000 per year in salary and incentives. The private contractor business is lucrative with the average salary of a Tier 1 employee making around $200,000. Tier 2 employees pull closer to the $150,000 average salary. However, with great salary–comes great risk. The reason that the salaries are so high is that the job is one of the more dangerous ones on the planet. It’s a difficult industry to crack because only the best of the best make it through. Therefore, those that do make are rewarded handsomely for their service.

Private security contractors are the best of the best. Putting yourself on the line day in and day out is the profession of the private security contractor. It takes a special person who can handle these situations. The pay is outstanding to those that are tough enough to tackle the job.


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